Being home

On my last day in Kaua’i I found this cap: Hawai’i will always be home. This serendipity is more than a sign to me. Hawai’i was a picture I have seen for several years without paying to much attention to it. It took me 3 years to react to the call: listen thoughtful, take it serious, become active and finally the doing.

Let’s look at Hawai’i as a symbol. It is a symbol standing for following your inner voice. Everybody has this inner voice but very often we are not able to hear it or the voice is not loud enough. May be we have lost the contact to our inner self, may be we don’t trust ourselves, may be we are geared by trained patterns or parental education and there is no place and significance to it. There is a huge difference in only thinking of and living an experience even in our digital days. The real doing is an experience in the NOW. It creates a deeper connection between you and the field around you. Feelings get saved in your heard, body and thoughts. This inner freedom you carry with you wherever you go. What’s so special on Hawai’i you can ask? From my point of view it’s the whole offering of the powerful and energetic islands. You live so close to nature that your body, mind and soul react intuitively.  There is rich nature and beauty everywhere, it smells exotic, the waves create humid air, dolphins swim beside you. You are in harmony with your surrounding and you are centered in yourself. Once you had experienced such an intense connection to your inner voice, you can call it easily during your meditation to stay in harmony with yourself.

Feeling home is defined by simple, blissful moments.