Collect experiences rather than objects.

When you have an experience that experience is experienced with your body. The memory becomes a pattern (even if it is a mental experience) it becomes a pattern of muscle movement. Neuroscientist doesn’t like this at all. Let’s look at it as a thesis.

So therefore if you want to change something you need to change the way you move. A wisdom I learned from the ancient Hawaiian shamanism, the so called Huna philosophy.

So even if you search for a word you can scan your body and look for where the memory is placed. Bring yourself in the present moment. Breathe in through the 7th chakra and breathe out through the navel. Several times. You start with the head, and go slowly through the body, continue to breathe through all parts of your body. This relaxes your muscles. In all parts of the body where that experience was mostly felt, if those parts of your body can’t move or the movement is restricted to that degree the memory that is associated with that part of the body is not available or would have to be relaxed before it come available.


One method to get relaxed and centered is very easy and you can do during your working day in a short break.

Bring yourself in the present moment, repeat to yourself 3-5 words, it should be something you belief without any doubts. It could be something as: “God loves me.” “I am here.” “I love flowers.” “The sky is blue.”

Keep that to yourself.

This technique you can practise as often as you want. And you will notice that you are more centered and more relaxed overall.

Being home

On my last day in Kaua’i I found this cap: Hawai’i will always be home. This serendipity is more than a sign to me. Hawai’i was a picture I have seen for several years without paying to much attention to it. It took me 3 years to react to the call: listen thoughtful, take it serious, become active and finally the doing.

Let’s look at Hawai’i as a symbol. It is a symbol standing for following your inner voice. Everybody has this inner voice but very often we are not able to hear it or the voice is not loud enough. May be we have lost the contact to our inner self, may be we don’t trust ourselves, may be we are geared by trained patterns or parental education and there is no place and significance to it. There is a huge difference in only thinking of and living an experience even in our digital days. The real doing is an experience in the NOW. It creates a deeper connection between you and the field around you. Feelings get saved in your heard, body and thoughts. This inner freedom you carry with you wherever you go. What’s so special on Hawai’i you can ask? From my point of view it’s the whole offering of the powerful and energetic islands. You live so close to nature that your body, mind and soul react intuitively.  There is rich nature and beauty everywhere, it smells exotic, the waves create humid air, dolphins swim beside you. You are in harmony with your surrounding and you are centered in yourself. Once you had experienced such an intense connection to your inner voice, you can call it easily during your meditation to stay in harmony with yourself.

Feeling home is defined by simple, blissful moments.

Food therapy

No doubt there were those who thought Hippocrates was behind the time back in 400 B.C., when the so-called father of modern medicine said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” And more than a few probably considered lightbulb-interventiong visionary Thomas Edison to be a tad dim for his claim that “the doctor of the future will give no medicines but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the causes of disease.” <

Today I found this note in the book “New choices in natural healing” of Bill Gottlieb. May be we forgot about to think of our food in that way. We are mainly occupied with work and get our life organized, so there is no time left to cure a garden and get the real good stuff. Here in Hawaii it is so easy to have a garden around you. Fruits and vegetable are growing well, your life is in balance, you ressonate with nature.

Another part of the book mention that the phytochemicals, carotenoids and the micronutrients may be the real secret to staying healthy.

The National Cancer Institure (NCI) launched the Designer Foods Research Project (1989) with one aim in mind: to hunt down nutrients known as phytochemicals locked inside common fruits, vegetables and other edible plants (like herbs, grains and spices), and find some way to concentrate these natural cancer preventers into new foods: superfoods . It’s not new but I want to mention broccoli contains sulforaphane and it appears to protect against breast cancer, while watercress appears to protect against lung cancer according to the study of the university of Baltimore in person Dr Herbert Pierson.

But consider the closer the nutrition is to the natural state in foods, the better it is.


OurPlace – an outstanding experience

In Kapa’a opened „Our place“ a few weeks ago. And the restaurant is absolutely my taste. With plenty of passion and hard work Michael and Kimmy run an organic, locally sourced farm to table fare restaurant. Everything they serve is grown on the island and supports the future of the island. They are very conscious about food and health. Even for take away they offer nice metall boxes that you bring back next time. As a matter of fact the water for cooking and drinking is filtered by a 5 stage Ever Pure filter system. Each detail is thought through and Michael tells you enthusiasticly the story about it, how they prepair the food and from which local farmer the single items get sourced. You learn about a vegan and plant based lifestyle. They put their heart and soul into the meal. The food is full of flavor, fresh and creative. Both came from SanFrancisco three years ago and Kimmy experimented with the hawaiian vegetable, flavors and fruits to find her own style. The energy of the restaurant is so welcoming and makes you instantly feel at home.

OurPlace is an outstanding local vegan restaurant that you have to visit, even if you’re not vegan.


Here some examples of eating food that nourishes both your body and soul:

Dinner II (picture):

OP Salad: wootens lettuce, kale & bok choy salad with avocado dressing, alohalani cucumber, Moloa’a Organics’a Watermelon radish

Ulu BBQ Nugget Lettuce Wrap: baked ulu nuggets with housemade bbq sauce, alohalani cucumber, wootens lettuce, cilantro&avocado, ken’s carrot pickles, coco queso fresco.

Purple sweet potato & coconut butter thumbprint


Dinner I (have a look at experiences):

Green banana rice (never heared before, but very good and easy to digest) wootens eggplant, bok choy & red pepper

Java Plum Papaya Frozen yoghurt

Wootens Tulsi Tea + coconut milk

And several trys as Kimmy was testing some dishes for the new menue.



As view words to the OurPlace Mission:

They approach every decision with a permaculture lens: Is it good for the planet? is it good for the people? Is it going to create more peace?

Earth Care – People Care – Fair Share

OurPlace works on implementing clever and innovative ways to help spread awareness of OurFavorite two Permaculture Principles;

“Turning Problems into Solutions” is a mindset of looking at things in a new way.

“Stacking Functions” is the idea of getting as many uses out of 1 resource as possible.This could be using something as many times as possible before it becomes a “waste”. This could also be finding as many different functions for a single item as possible.




Rainbow – a symbol of magical blessings

Today I went to see the Waillua Waterfall. The way down was an adventure itself, arriving in front of the water, there was the best reward ever: a huge rainbow beside the waterfall. What an awe moment!

I had a swim and in the water there were even 5 rainbows all around me in the pouring water. Thank you that I can be here in this beautiful natural garden!

Rainbows have a lot of significance. Biblically speaking, the rainbow is the sign of a covenant that God made with the whole earth: He will never destroy the earth again with a flood. It is seen as the symbol of hope and the bright emblem of mercy and love.

In Hawai’i due to the damp weather there are rainbows to see: caused by the reflection of the sun rays on falling rain. They say that the rainbow primarily represents transformation. Rainbow bring the promise that the trouble of today will surely come to pass, hold strong in your faith and vision and the rainbow will bring fresh beginnings, and new prosperity. It is a powerful sign and it can be seen as a message from the Universe or Spirit that you are headed in the right direction. Much like the biblical meaning or symbolism, it signifies and end to difficulty and despair.

What a lucky rainbow day.

The Hawaiian LomiLomi

The Hawaiian LomiLomi is a very profound form of massage. Some call it „Loving hands“. In the shamanic old knowledge LomiLomi is not just a physical experience, it facilitates healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well. The tender movements and the flowing strokes combined with lots of love, assists in the letting go of old patterns and behaviours that cause limitations and which are stored in the cells of our body. So the LomiLomi enables to release blockages at the same time giving the energy new direction.

My Kahuna Malie (healer in hawaiian) practise an ancient traditional LomiLomi for more than 20 years. She learned from Aunty Margaret, the first woman who teached to non Hawaiian. In Malie’s understanding LomiLomi is about the past and the future and getting in touch with death, death is seen as something ends and something new is starting. The Hawaiians view all aspects of the body as one and believe that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are all part of the “whole” self – when healing is effected on one level, all levels are affected. The practitioner does not heal but is the facilitator for the healing. The Huna philosophie assumps that everything seeks harmony and love. Her whole message in massage is to love the body and just working with the heart.

I choose the therapeutical oil essence of Lily Koi, the passionfruit flower (picture). A complex blossom that made this mindblowing experience for all senses unforgettable.

Spiritual greatness in nature

Some might say that Kaua’i is a spiritual experience. They also say it has feminine energy. My first impression it embodies pure natural beauty in every angle and there are powerful magic places. One of this places is the Kaua’i Hindu Monastery in the Waillua Valley. Guests come to meditate in the morning attending the traditional Hindu worship ceremony (called puja). Inside the Kadavul temple is one of the world’s rarest crystals, a 700-pound, 39 inch tall quartz crystal Sivalingam. The crystal is estimated to be around 50 million years old.

More and more people feel the urge to connect with nature, like-minded people and most importantly, with themselves. The meditation is a genuine exercise to reduce chronic stress,  to boost your immune system and to enhance self-esteem (just to name a few).

In the garden there is the tree of soul from Avatar (it reminds me heavily to it) and you can connect mentally to the famed banyan tree.

Till noon you can pay homage to this serene property and witness firsthand the entire botanical garden, waterways and pond.


Water from above and below

Today I hiked along the coast, the first part of the Kalalau Trail to the Hanakapi’ai Beach and the Waterfall, sunshine and rain alternate. Every hiker had a smile in the face and very dirty shoes and legs. The Kalalau trail is the trail everyone is talking here. It is listed as one of the most dangerous US trails. Without tent, equipment and accompaniment I did a day hike where you don’t need the permit, it was like a teaser of the whole 11 miles trail. The way is very muddy and slippery, you walk in clay or liquid chocolate. Several times you need to cross the stream. It was a jump outside of the comfort zone. And it worked out! Even to swim in the waterfall pool I couldn’t resist. You breath so much humid air below the fall that you feel dissolved in water, united with water. An unforgettable experience.

Walk in – Hula out

It is fun to try a hula admiring class, I got a first impression about what it means to dance it and how much it is connected to tradition and culture. The movements are extremely fluid and smooth, they tell a story or represent movements of nature such as Pele put the canu into the water and went over the ocean to find a place to stay. Every movement and the lyrical songs tell you a story, it is mostly about mystics. We learned the basic steps of the Keiko ancient Hula dance and it was a good flow.

Connection to myself

In Hawai’i I am strongly connected to myself, more than everywhere else experienced before. I can not explain that feeling, you need to come here and feel it. There are so many lovely places sprout with beauty and love.