Collect experiences rather than objects.

When you have an experience that experience is experienced with your body. The memory becomes a pattern (even if it is a mental experience) it becomes a pattern of muscle movement. Neuroscientist doesn’t like this at all. Let’s look at it as a thesis.

So therefore if you want to change something you need to change the way you move. A wisdom I learned from the ancient Hawaiian shamanism, the so called Huna philosophy.

So even if you search for a word you can scan your body and look for where the memory is placed. Bring yourself in the present moment. Breathe in through the 7th chakra and breathe out through the navel. Several times. You start with the head, and go slowly through the body, continue to breathe through all parts of your body. This relaxes your muscles. In all parts of the body where that experience was mostly felt, if those parts of your body can’t move or the movement is restricted to that degree the memory that is associated with that part of the body is not available or would have to be relaxed before it come available.


One method to get relaxed and centered is very easy and you can do during your working day in a short break.

Bring yourself in the present moment, repeat to yourself 3-5 words, it should be something you belief without any doubts. It could be something as: “God loves me.” “I am here.” “I love flowers.” “The sky is blue.”

Keep that to yourself.

This technique you can practise as often as you want. And you will notice that you are more centered and more relaxed overall.