Food therapy

No doubt there were those who thought Hippocrates was behind the time back in 400 B.C., when the so-called father of modern medicine said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” And more than a few probably considered lightbulb-interventiong visionary Thomas Edison to be a tad dim for his claim that “the doctor of the future will give no medicines but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the causes of disease.” <

Today I found this note in the book “New choices in natural healing” of Bill Gottlieb. May be we forgot about to think of our food in that way. We are mainly occupied with work and get our life organized, so there is no time left to cure a garden and get the real good stuff. Here in Hawaii it is so easy to have a garden around you. Fruits and vegetable are growing well, your life is in balance, you ressonate with nature.

Another part of the book mention that the phytochemicals, carotenoids and the micronutrients may be the real secret to staying healthy.

The National Cancer Institure (NCI) launched the Designer Foods Research Project (1989) with one aim in mind: to hunt down nutrients known as phytochemicals locked inside common fruits, vegetables and other edible plants (like herbs, grains and spices), and find some way to concentrate these natural cancer preventers into new foods: superfoods . It’s not new but I want to mention broccoli contains sulforaphane and it appears to protect against breast cancer, while watercress appears to protect against lung cancer according to the study of the university of Baltimore in person Dr Herbert Pierson.

But consider the closer the nutrition is to the natural state in foods, the better it is.