Healing: physical activity to connect with nature

We are here on earth to be happy and to enjoy life. The faster we heal ourself the more time we have to do things we love and things that make us happy. That sounds so easy and simple. You probably have a lot of skeptical remarks to this point of view. If we would be alone on earth this could work. Most things in life are complicated and complex, we spend the whole day to fulfill what we have to do, to satisfy our clients, to please our boss and to motivate our collegues.  There is nearly no time left to look for our personal needs. In our daily job to whom can I bring my love? Who gives me love? How can I connect deeply to the person that surrounds me during the day? Which client is accepting a 15 minutes silent meditation session during a workshop?

Go out of the rush, be more focussed and work hard. Follow your need to be in harmony, feel yourself and clear your mind. What is better than going out into nature and experience by your body the physical exertion.