Longing for the exotic experience

Exotic fruits bring much color and taste to our nutrition and to our soul in this cold winter days. Especially intensive colors of fruits and vegetable are a hint for health-relevant ingredients.

Lets look closer to the pomegranate for example.

Symbolically, the pomegranate stands for sensuality and fertility, but also for seduction and blood. The ancient Egyptians put the fruit in the tombs. Even the Bible, the Koran and Greek mythology mention the pomegranate: so there must be something on the pomegranate. In fact, this fruit is special in many ways. It gets imported mainly from the Mediterranean and Orient between September and February. The red color is very intense and similar to berries. It needs knowledge to open and prepare (see links at the bottom).

Pomegranates contain a host of protective molecules. It was used for decades as a cure for diseases like diarrhea, ulcer, diabetes or worm infections. They have an ability to improve arterial health and to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Some components of pomegranate affect our sex hormones and thus dependent tumors such as breast or prostate cancer. Although certain tumor parameters have improved, they are now also being explored for their ability to help prevent cancer. Pomegranate’s various ingredients develop an antioxidant capacity that far exceeds that of red wine, black chocolate and green tea. This is mainly due to tannins, so-called ellagitannins.

Because cancer is a multifactorial disease, any compound aimed at preventing it should have multitargeted effects. This is a virtue of the active constituents of pomegranate fruit, skin and even leaves. What’s more, it’s absorbed into the bloodstream far more efficiently than other fruit extracts.

Numerous studies show that pomegranate is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. For now, it is best to consume polyphenols in their natural form of plant foods.

Taking tamoxifen daily I have to care about my blood pressure and sugar level. Eating the pomegranate helps to control both.