OurPlace – an outstanding experience

In Kapa’a opened „Our place“ a few weeks ago. And the restaurant is absolutely my taste. With plenty of passion and hard work Michael and Kimmy run an organic, locally sourced farm to table fare restaurant. Everything they serve is grown on the island and supports the future of the island. They are very conscious about food and health. Even for take away they offer nice metall boxes that you bring back next time. As a matter of fact the water for cooking and drinking is filtered by a 5 stage Ever Pure filter system. Each detail is thought through and Michael tells you enthusiasticly the story about it, how they prepair the food and from which local farmer the single items get sourced. You learn about a vegan and plant based lifestyle. They put their heart and soul into the meal. The food is full of flavor, fresh and creative. Both came from SanFrancisco three years ago and Kimmy experimented with the hawaiian vegetable, flavors and fruits to find her own style. The energy of the restaurant is so welcoming and makes you instantly feel at home.

OurPlace is an outstanding local vegan restaurant that you have to visit, even if you’re not vegan.


Here some examples of eating food that nourishes both your body and soul:

Dinner II (picture):

OP Salad: wootens lettuce, kale & bok choy salad with avocado dressing, alohalani cucumber, Moloa’a Organics’a Watermelon radish

Ulu BBQ Nugget Lettuce Wrap: baked ulu nuggets with housemade bbq sauce, alohalani cucumber, wootens lettuce, cilantro&avocado, ken’s carrot pickles, coco queso fresco.

Purple sweet potato & coconut butter thumbprint


Dinner I (have a look at experiences):

Green banana rice (never heared before, but very good and easy to digest) wootens eggplant, bok choy & red pepper

Java Plum Papaya Frozen yoghurt

Wootens Tulsi Tea + coconut milk

And several trys as Kimmy was testing some dishes for the new menue.



As view words to the OurPlace Mission:

They approach every decision with a permaculture lens: Is it good for the planet? is it good for the people? Is it going to create more peace?

Earth Care – People Care – Fair Share

OurPlace works on implementing clever and innovative ways to help spread awareness of OurFavorite two Permaculture Principles;

“Turning Problems into Solutions” is a mindset of looking at things in a new way.

“Stacking Functions” is the idea of getting as many uses out of 1 resource as possible.This could be using something as many times as possible before it becomes a “waste”. This could also be finding as many different functions for a single item as possible.