My herbal day – I am so impressed

Today I started with a smoothie of eggfruit, oat milk, a half squizzed orange, Moringa seeds and a touch of vanille flavour. I didn’t know at that time that the day will be dedicated to healthy herbs and new flavours.

So I went to visit a small herbal, family oriented farm. I am still very impressed about their attitude and how simple and thoughtfull they work in the garden. Pretty advanced. First they treat the whole cycle from small seed to harvest to sale. Their tea is in less than 2 weeks out of the garden in your hands. They started with Noni leaf tea and Tulsi tea six years ago. Nowerdays they open their farm twice a week for guided tours through the herbal garden. If you dream to have a garden where you can grow ginger, turmeric, tulsi, cacao, and other medicinal herbs and use them to heal your body and soul, you’re gonna fall in love with the Farmacy. They also make their own salves, teas, and superfood powders and they taste amazing. Everything is grown in the garden, dried using a 100% natural (non-electric) dehydration system designed by them and  processed by hand.

I like their philosophy, gardening should be simple, cheap and availabe. Plants are intelligent and they are informing our bodies, this information allows your body to heal yourself and you are able of selfsubstain. Subtle yet transformative, these unique essences help balance the emotions and heal the soul. On the guided tour you meet the owner Genna, she sees herself as a listener, not as a gardener. She perceive the need of plants for everybody, we share breath, they are our food, they clean the air. She even scratch the topic till „What is actually the seperation of you and the plants?“ The plants are talking to her, and influencing feelings. Once a day there is a girl singing in the garden. This is fantastic, never seen a place where there is so much love and wisdom intention for plants. This is definitely a shamanic approach lived in the nowerdays.

But coming back to herbs. Spice trade has a long history even James Cook was interested in dealing with spices and herbs when he arrived at Hawaii. That shows the value of plants. For now I only describe the two teas they started with, as Genna’s husband Doug mentioned you start with Noni and Tulsi and this will change your life. Let’s go!

Noni leave tea, you find the evergreen tree everywhere on Hawaii. Known also as Indian Mulberry is was documented in ancient Sanskirt texts for numerous medicinal uses. Today Noni is still reverred and used for numerous ailments where the fruit, leaves, flowers, stems, bark, and roots are used. It is highly detoxing and cleaning the body, you can life from this tree as it offers all nutritions you need. Even the leaves you can put on the skin, they heal open wounds or swellings. The plan contains special compounds that help fight cancer by increasing the production of white blood cells and also xeronine, a compound that promotes cell structure health and regeneration.

Tulsi tea or holi basil (picture) how the Hawaiian call it, literally helps to adapt. It is the holiest herb in India and in the ayurvedic medicine s known for its protective and immune-boosting qualities. It brings you in balance, maintain health, strenghtenth longues, it helps rid free radicals that may be causing blockages and disease.

Tulsi nourishes the adrenals, thus supporting our ‘fight or flight’ responses, ability to react to stress and the imperative role of hormonal regulation in the adrenal gland. As our adrenals are replenished and supported, we are better able to adapt to whatever comes our way.

Spiritual greatness in nature

Some might say that Kaua’i is a spiritual experience. They also say it has feminine energy. My first impression it embodies pure natural beauty in every angle and there are powerful magic places. One of this places is the Kaua’i Hindu Monastery in the Waillua Valley. Guests come to meditate in the morning attending the traditional Hindu worship ceremony (called puja). Inside the Kadavul temple is one of the world’s rarest crystals, a 700-pound, 39 inch tall quartz crystal Sivalingam. The crystal is estimated to be around 50 million years old.

More and more people feel the urge to connect with nature, like-minded people and most importantly, with themselves. The meditation is a genuine exercise to reduce chronic stress,  to boost your immune system and to enhance self-esteem (just to name a few).

In the garden there is the tree of soul from Avatar (it reminds me heavily to it) and you can connect mentally to the famed banyan tree.

Till noon you can pay homage to this serene property and witness firsthand the entire botanical garden, waterways and pond.


Surf: Breathe in – Breath out

Breathing is a helpful technique to support your transformation and getting rid of old patterns. It helps to increase focus and to decrease physical pain or fear. We keep our grief and old memories in the body and in specific in the chest, therefore to open the chest would mean dealing with a new life and personality. Very often we want to change our behavior and situation but in the same time we fear it, too. We were stepping on the accelerator and the brake pedal at the same time. When we do deep-breating exercises, we access our deep emotions and they rise to the surface. Our first reaction, may be fear of losing control and releasing tears. If we continue, we discover that the experience liberates us from our past. We begin to feel we are releasing a great weight off our chest.

Ocean breathing is a fundamental tool for opening the heart center for emotional healing.


  • Stand comfortable that your arms can spot out to the sides.
  • Open your feet shoulder-width apart. Make sure your feet aim straight ahead.
  • Bend your knees, lengthen your spine toward the ceiling. Relax the shoulder blades downward.
  • Keeping your spine enlivened and your knees slightly bent, bring your hands to the heart center, and press them together.
  • From here, inhale through your mouth as you move your arms straight out to the sides at shoulder height—arms open, elbows slightly bent.
  • Pause.
  • As you exhale, bring your arms back to the heart.
  • Inhaling, open the arms again.
  • Bring your hands back to prayer position, exhaling audibly through your mouth, as if you were fogging a mirror with your warm breath.
  • Start with 5min and go up to 20min.

Repeat the same movements with your arms as you breathe this way, making the “fogging the mirror” sound on both the inhalation and the exhalation. Keep your mouth open continuously. Remember to broaden the chest and breathe into the sides of your ribs.

You may experience some tears after practicing this breath. If that happens, simply receive it as a healing experience, as this is caused by the release of suppressed grief that you may have been holding onto for years. Afterwards, you’ll feel refreshed and peaceful.

Careful with yourself: If you become dizzy, stop the exercise and bend over and relax.

Water from above and below

Today I hiked along the coast, the first part of the Kalalau Trail to the Hanakapi’ai Beach and the Waterfall, sunshine and rain alternate. Every hiker had a smile in the face and very dirty shoes and legs. The Kalalau trail is the trail everyone is talking here. It is listed as one of the most dangerous US trails. Without tent, equipment and accompaniment I did a day hike where you don’t need the permit, it was like a teaser of the whole 11 miles trail. The way is very muddy and slippery, you walk in clay or liquid chocolate. Several times you need to cross the stream. It was a jump outside of the comfort zone. And it worked out! Even to swim in the waterfall pool I couldn’t resist. You breath so much humid air below the fall that you feel dissolved in water, united with water. An unforgettable experience.

Walk in – Hula out

It is fun to try a hula admiring class, I got a first impression about what it means to dance it and how much it is connected to tradition and culture. The movements are extremely fluid and smooth, they tell a story or represent movements of nature such as Pele put the canu into the water and went over the ocean to find a place to stay. Every movement and the lyrical songs tell you a story, it is mostly about mystics. We learned the basic steps of the Keiko ancient Hula dance and it was a good flow.

Connection to myself

In Hawai’i I am strongly connected to myself, more than everywhere else experienced before. I can not explain that feeling, you need to come here and feel it. There are so many lovely places sprout with beauty and love.


Beautiful start in the day

This morning I went to the Mauna Kea Tea Farm across the street. The tea ceremony was a lovely start into the day. I dried all different kind of organic tea they over and it is difficult to choose the one you wonna take home.  Consuming several cups of green tea provides immune-boosting properties to the body along with antioxidants it needs to fight infections and free radicals. Green tea contains many trace minerals and chlorophyll that support the body and aid in natural cleansing.

Afterwards I prepared myself breakfast harvesting fruits that grows here around. Mandarines, avocados, lemons and jabuticaba. Fantastic. I never heard before about this brazilian grapetree Jabuticaba. The grabe has a delicous taste and is very healthy. It needs to be eaten fresh as they ferment 3 to 4 days after harvest, therefore it is difficult to find them on markets. Beside the minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron, phospherus, cooper, manganese, zinc) and Vitamin C & E, Jaboticaba is a good source of several amino acids, fatty acids and many powerful antioxidants that have  anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. And the flavour speaks for itself.



Fabulous hike today in the Waipi’o Valley

The weather gets better. Yesterday I left the rainy jungle area of Volcano for staying closer to the sea side. I went to the Waipi’o Valley for getting in touch with another wild nature in the north of the Island. They also call it the Old Hawai’i, probably for its long history. Once it was home to many of the kings and it was the site of many important temples. It is a sacred place that you still can feel. To achieve the valley there is one very steep road to the floor. Only 4wheel drive is able to pass.  The beauty of the green vegetation is impressive, you need to touch this ground with your feet!

Symbols to manifest healing

Yesterday I learned about the Eye of Kanaloa and this symbol gravitates to me. I am learning about the Huna philosophy here in Hawaii. Words, rituals and images are very important in this old cave tradition.

Symbols help you to focus and to heal, in particular the Eye of Kanaloa.

Kanaloa was the god of the ocean, a healer god. Ka-na-loa translated means “the great peace, or the great stillness.” It is also used as a word that means  “secure, firm, immovable, established, unconquerable.”  The connotation of Kanaloa  speaks total confidence.

Eye of Kanaloa – The Pattern
As a whole, the pattern represents the Web of Life, the symbolic connection of all things to each other. Together the circles and lines represent the harmony of Love and Power as an ideal to develop.

The star pattern is composed of a dot in the center representing the Aumakua, or Higher Self; a ring representing Lono, or the Mental Self; the seven limbs of the star representing the Seven Principles of Huna  (I will come to this later) ; and the ring around the star representing Ku, the Physical or Subconscious Self.

One point of the star is always down, aligned with a straight line of the web, representing the connection of the inner with the outer.

The Energy
The Eye of Kanaloa symbol generates subtle Energy “ki” . This energy can be used for healing, for stimulating physical and mental faculties.


Think about Hawai’i…

Volcano: this is in the middle of the jungle at the foot of the active volcano Kilauea, where I stay at the moment. A rainy, windy and an off-grid place. Not at all what I was aspecting, but I am happy and stay with warm-hearted people.