Recipe: The Golden Eggfruit Smoothie

Mix ingredients together + love

1 entire Eggfruit

½ Orange fresh squizzed

200ml milk (I took oat milk)

Tea spoon Sita’s turmeric past

Prize of Vanille powder

Moringa Seems


Some words to the ingredients

Eggfruit: Unfortunately it is growing only in Tropical zones! One reason more to come to Hawaii often! The flavor is rich with a mellow sweetness like that of roasted pumpkin or sweet potato. Nutritional value: contains a lot of  niacin, iron, calcium, beta-carotene and ascorbic acid. Perfect for the vegan kitchen.

Sita’s turmeric past: Fantastic product, comes from the Big Island and is absolutely natural. Easy to use and always ready! Add small quantities 3-4 times a day rather than one single large one once a day. Optimal anti-inflammatory.

Moringa seeds: Moringa is known as the Tree of life and that says everthing about the tree. It is a superfood and has much higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals than other fruits. The seeds are great for improve libido and maintaining the reproductive cells.



as Noni is so potential and healthy I had to try it once. The girl asked me 3 times if I really want to have it in the smoothie, so I trusted her and had an extra portion beside. Noni is called the vomid fruit. It is not at all pleasant, the taste is bitter like an overripe stinky cheese and the smell, I found worse. A drinking straw solved it.