Handle thoughts carefully

The mind comes to rest through different techniques: transcendental meditation, mantras or a meaningless sequence of syllables. Our thoughts form us. Therefore, it is best to handle them carefully.

In the transcendental meditation everyone gets his individual meditation word from his teacher and should recite it twice a day for 20 minutes each. The effect is scientifically proven: mind and body experience deep rest and relaxation. stress and tension are neutralized. Thinking becomes clearer, more creative and more powerful. Action becomes more effective and successful. Recognition and satisfaction increase.

Mantras is a spiritual discipline with a long history in Indian Sanskrit. The mantra is said to stabilize the mind and create a kind of trail, tot he finely tuned, the subtle layer. The path taken with it shows its effect on other levels. The fact that a mantra is associated with a certain mental attitude, its recitation is used to bring you closer to this mental attitude. Our mind becomes more receptive to the silence.

I try it with the meaningless syllable sequence, which I recently learned in a course of mental healing. The juxtaposed letters are melodic with a harmonization in between. It puts me in a state of peace with the universe. It is particularly effective when I lie awake between 3 and 5 o’clock at night and can not fall asleep again. In the “hour of the wolf” the dark thoughts come. The body releases the hormone melatonin that is said to be mildly depressive, hence the tendency to anxiety. The meaningless syllable sequence is a way to distract yourself. I say quietly in thought: neromolingu, rimarolengo, marimorago, neromolingu rimarolengo marimorago, ….  and it works.